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  • Pineapple Express THC D8 Shatter Dabs

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  • Purple Lemonade THC D8 Shatter Dabs

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What is Delta 8 Shatter?

In the fast-paced world of cannabinoid-infused consumables, the range of available products continues to expand at an exponential rate. This is especially true for hemp-derived cannabinoids that offer similar effects to THC but without the psychoactive properties. This, in turn, has led to the creation of products like Delta 8 Shatter. Delta 8 is by no means new to the world of cannabis. It has been available in many locations for several years and is quickly becoming one of the more popular forms of cannabis concentrates. However, in recent years, consuming Delta 8 THC shatter instead of the traditional flower has grown in popularity, thanks to its increased potency when compared to traditional flower.

Delta 8 shatter is created by extracting the cannabinoid Delta 8 THC from hemp CBD trichomes in a process involving solvent-based extraction. The resulting product is a rich amber concentrate with a highly concentrated amount of Delta 8 THC and a similar viscosity to honey. Delta 8 shatter can be consumed via vaporization or heated on a hot surface and inhaled using a dab rig. Consuming Delta 8 THC in shatter form provides users with a quicker effect than smokable hemp flower.

Our Best Delta 8 Shatter Products

At Concentrate Concepts, we are proud to offer Delta 8 shatter for sale from a variety of popular hemp strains. Whether purchasing Delta 8 shatter in bulk or single grams, we guarantee high-quality products at a competitive price. Some of the best Delta 8 shatter dabs for sale come from our Blue Kandy Kush and Ghost Train Haze strains. Additionally, consumers who prefer more citrusy and terpene-rich flavorings should consider Delta 8 shatter in strains of Purple Lemonade, Pineapple Express, or Stoney Pebbles. These Delta 8 shatter economical options under $30 have a unique taste and provide varying effects.

Customers wanting to buy Delta 8 shatter wholesale, or Delta 8 shatter ounces should contact us to learn more about our Delta 8 shatter bulk pricing options. Wholesale Delta 8 shatter offers customers a better price and a reliable option for those looking to distribute the product in their retail stores. Whether it is Delta 8 shatter bulk orders for retail purposes or personal use, each batch is lab-tested to ensure quality, purity, and satisfaction.

Delta 8 Shatter FAQ

Is Delta 8 shatter legal?
Delta 8 shatter sourced from hemp plants is completely legal on a federal level in the USA, thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill. This landmark piece of legislation allows for the growth and sale of hemp products, including Delta 8 shatter. Delta 8 shatter sourced from cannabis Sativa (marijuana) is still not legal on a federal level and may only be purchased in states where cannabis sourced products are legal for medical or recreational use. Furthermore, even though the 2018 Farm Bill makes the growth and sale of hemp and hemp-derived products legal, each state has its own unique laws regulating its sale, possession, and consumption. Be sure to check your state's regulations regarding purchasing and using Delta 8 shatter sourced from hemp plants to avoid violating any jurisdictional laws.
Is it possible to vape Delta THC shatter?
Yes. Delta 8 THC shatter for sale can be vaped using specialized devices designed to heat and inhale wax and concentrates called dab rigs. Dab rigs are available for retail purchase at many smoke shops, head shops, dispensaries, and glass stores. To use one, simply load a dab of Delta 8 THC shatter into the rig's smoking mechanism and heat. Then, inhale the vaporized Delta 8 shatter and enjoy.
Is Delta 8 THC shatter strong?
Delta 8 THC in shatter form would be considered highly potent by many users. The high potency is a result of the highly concentrated Delta THC in shatter and the cannabinoids' high bioavailability. Bioavailability refers to how easily a substance is absorbed into the bloodstream and distributed throughout the body. Delta 8 THC shatter for sale is often used by medical patients who require strong levels of cannabinoids recreational users seeking to enhance the effects of other consumed cannabinoids such as THC or CBD.
How much THC is in Delta 8 shatter?
To stay in accordance with federal laws as per the 2018 Farm Bill, Delta 8 THC shatter will have no more than .03% of THC in the product. Additionally, as a hemp-derived cannabinoid, Delta 8 shatter is non-psychoactive, which allows for the purchase and use of this product by customers across the USA.
Can you use shatter for dabs?
Yes. Delta 8 THC shatter can be used for dabs. Be aware that dabbing is a far more intense experience than smoking flower or vaping Delta 8 THC oil because the product is highly concentrated. To use Delta 8 shatter for dabs, simply load a small piece of it onto your dabbing tool and heat. Inhale the vaporized shatter and enjoy. Dabbing is often preferred over other forms of Delta 8 THC shatter consumption as it is longer-lasting, more intense, and provides a more pure Delta 8 THC experience.
How to smoke Delta 8 THC shatter?
When it comes to smoking Delta 8 THC shatter, the best method is using dab rigs. These specialized devices are designed to heat the shatter to the vaporization point. With a dab rig, you can load a small piece of shatter onto your heating element or instrument and inhale the resulting vapor. Delta 8 THC shatter can also be vaporized with vape devices if designed to heat concentrates and waxes using glass containers or other heat-proof apparatuses. While it is possible to smoke Delta 8 THC shatter through traditional smoking methods such as pipes or joints, users would need to mix the shatter with ground flower or buds in order to avoid inhaling large amounts of concentrated cannabinoid material. However, traditional methods are not as direct and efficient as using a dab rig to heat the concentrate or vaporizing it.
How to use Delta 8 THC shatter?
Delta 8 Shatter should be used in small amounts primarily because dab rigs and vaporizers designed to use concentrated and waxes have limited space for consumption, so portions need to be small. Additionally, Delta 8 THC concentrate is highly potent and very efficient in its consumption, meaning that small amounts are all you need to feel the effects. Delta 8 THC shatter for sale usually comes in a wax form with a consistency similar to hard candy. To use it, simply break off a small piece and place it in your dab rig or vape. The oil will melt into vapor as soon as it reaches the device's heating element.
Does Delta 8 THC shatter get you higher than wax?
While shatter and wax have different extraction methods for achieving their unique physical properties, they both generally contain the same potency. In addition, shatter is considered better than wax in many instances because of its longer shelf life and more stable consistency when stored. Delta 8 THC shatter also has less of an aroma for those that prefer to keep their consumption habits discreet. Many find that the mild scent of delta 8 THC shatter is more pleasant than the heavy scent associated with many different waxes. Delta 8 THC shatter can get you higher in some instances but not in others. The same holds true for wax, and other concentrates - it all depends on how much you consume at once and what you mix it with.
Is Delta 8 shatter the same as wax?
While Delta 8 THC can be formed into a shatter or wax, the two are not the same. Wax refers to a specific process that yields a softer, gooey material that is more similar to honey or sap than to shatter. The processes for creating wax and shatter are different as well. Waxes, such as rosin, bubble hash, and ice-water concentrate, are made by whipping the cannabis plant matter at high speeds while applying pressure. This process can be done manually but is more often accomplished with a mechanical process known as "extraction." This type of extraction uses large amounts of water and ice to extract Delta 8 THC from cannabis plant matter, which is then whipped at high speeds to create the wax. On the other hand, shatter is created through a chemical solvent such as n-butane, propane, or Co2. This process is known as "open blasting." During this process, the Delta 8 THC is removed from the plant through heating and then cooled to create a stable, hard substance that looks similar to amber.
Is Delta 8 shatter the same as dabs?
Dabs are a general term referring to the process of smoking shatter, waxes, and other concentrates that have been heated and then vaporized to produce a vapor that can be inhaled. Wax dabs are usually just as potent as shatter dab but can vary inconsistently. In addition, they are often less stable than their shatter counterparts, which can sometimes lead to the wax dab melting into a liquid when it is too close to the heating element. Wax dabs are not always as potent as shatter because they do not undergo the same refining process, but they are still very strong compared to traditional flowers or buds.
How many mg of THC are in a gram of shatter?
If the shatter is a hemp-derived cannabinoid, then it will never contain more than .03% of THC in the product. As per the 2018 Farm Bill, no hemp or hemp-derived product can have more than .3% THC on a dry weight basis. If the shatter is made from marijuana buds, then the THC content can range anywhere from 10-60%. The quality of the product usually depends on its cultivation and extraction process. For instance, high-quality Delta 9 THC shatter is often extracted from marijuana flowers and not industrial hemp.
How much is Delta 8 THC shatter?
Typically Delta 8 THC shatter is sold by the gram and priced based on strain used, THC content, and the quality of the product. The best Delta 8 THC shatter will cost about 30 bucks on websites that promise affordability and quality products. Wholesale Delta 8 THC shatter will cost even less due to bulk discount pricing. Those who want to purchase a Delta 8 shatter oz should consider wholesale purchases from reputable companies.