What is the Difference Between THC-O and HHC?

These days, the cannabis market is full of so many cannabinoids other than the popular CBD and THC compounds. While we’re still learning each and every day about these cannabinoids, it’s more than exciting when a new one pops up and shows chemists just how unique the cannabis plant truly is. Cannabinoids like THC-O and HHC are just now beginning to make names in the industry, as they’re both relatively new to most consumers. How do THC-O and HHC differ? How do these cannabinoids differ, and what do they do in the first place?

How Do THC-O and HHC Differ?

Both THCO and HHC have been introduced within the mainstream world of cannabis just in the past few years. Though some researchers have known about the presence of THCO for decades, the cannabinoid has only recently started becoming available for everyday consumers to enjoy. And, now, both THCO and HHC are piquing the interests of canna-lovers everywhere.

In case you aren’t familiar with THC-O or HHC, below, we’ve broken down what both of these cannabinoids are all about, giving you a better insight into these unique compounds.

What is THC-O?

THC-O, also known as THCO acetate, is an extremely potent semi-synthetic cannabinoid. Technically, the cannabinoid has been around since the 1940s when it was first discovered; however, the compound itself was forgotten about and didn’t take off in popularity until decades later. Initially, THCO was created by combining THC cannabinoids with a chemical substance called acetic anhydride. This chemical recreation curated a THCO — a compound that is about three times stronger than traditional delta-9 THC.

Today, professionals create THCO by taking CBD-derived hemp and extracting delta-8 THC from it. From there, they combine the D8 with the acetate to manufacture the cannabinoid. By doing this, the cannabinoid stays within the guidelines of the 2018 Farm Bill, and it’s legal for sale and consumption across the United States. As The strength of THCO acetate is nearly three times that of delta-9 THC. This makes it one of the strongest cannabinoids on the market today. Thus, it’s best for those with very high tolerances and loads of experience when it comes to THC. Beginners should steer clear of this potent compound until they’ve had a bit more experience under their belt. The effects of THCO are going to vary from consumer to consumer; however, most people report a borderline “spiritual effect” from the cannabinoid.

What is HHC?

HHC is another cannabinoid that has been around for a long, long time, despite only coming out on the mainstream cannabis market recently. Like THCO, HHC was created by chemist Roger Adams back in the 1940s. Adams decided to take delta-9 THC and add hydrogen molecules to the cannabinoids through a process called hydrogenation. This process has been commonly used in other practices like making margarine, but it hadn’t been seen in the world of cannabis up until then. Once Adams made this chemical reaction, the result was hexahydrocannabinol or HHC. For years, this semi-synthetic cannabinoid fell to the wayside; until the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill.

After the legalization of hemp, professionals began taking the hemp plant and extracting CBD from it to make HHC instead. Today, HHC is hemp-derived and legal under the Farm Bill, making it easy to get your hands on various products. The HHC cannabinoid is a psychoactive one, making consumers feel high, giggly, and weightless. Compared to delta-9 THC, HHC is not as psychoactive. In fact, people often compare the strength of HHC to that of delta-8 or delta-10 THC instead. The cannabinoid is well-known for its more gentle, stimulating effects than super-strong potency.

THC-O Versus HHC: Primary Differences

There are a lot of differences between THC-O and HHC. Though both of these cannabinoids are semi-synthetic and were created back in the 40s, everything else about THC-O and HHC couldn’t be more different. We’ll get into the details a little more later, but one of the biggest differences between THC-O and HHC is the potency. These cannabinoids boast two totally different potencies, with THCO being even stronger than delta-9 THC. On the flip side, HHC is a gentle cannabinoid that’s best for beginners or those looking for a mild experience.

The reason these two cannabinoids act so differently is due to their chemical structure and their additives. As we’ve mentioned, THCO has the inclusion of acetic anhydride, while HHC has hydrogen molecules. While researchers aren’t entirely sure why the acetic anhydride boosts potency so much, it’s clear that the additive is the reason for the overall strength. Interestingly enough, chemists have started adding acetic anhydride to their HHC now, too. The result is HHCO, and it is a much stronger version of HHC — just like THCO is a much stronger version of delta-9 THC. Along with the potency, the effects of the two compounds are quite different, as well. Many people find that HHC has Sativa-like effects in the sense that the cannabinoid is uplifting and good at boosting creativity and energy. Consumers may feel more stimulated and blissful with the help of HHC and probably not so couch-locked as many might be used to.

On the flip side, THCO is so incredibly potent that the effects are described similarly to hallucinogens like LSD. The cannabinoid promotes strong psychoactive results that are quite spiritual in nature and are sure to have you feeling out of this world. With THCO, there’s a good chance you’re going to feel more calm overall than stimulated; but this will depend on the strain utilized. Again, these two cannabinoids differ significantly because they’re two totally different compounds. While they both come from hemp, they will produce unique, novel experiences in the body that vary in effects, potency, and more.

How Potent is THC-O?

When it comes to the potency of THC-O, it’s hard to beat this cannabinoid. As we’ve established, when you directly compare the potency of THC-O to its parent cannabinoid delta-9 THC, THC-O is about three times as strong. This means that whatever effects you feel from delta-9 THC, you’re going to feel them about thrice as powerfully when you enjoy the THC-O cannabinoid. The potency of THC-O will affect every consumer differently. Some people may find that they’re feeling ultra calm or relieved, while others may experience spiritual and borderline psychedelic effects. You may find that colors are more enhanced, and your sense of stimulation is heightened.

Regardless, it’s vital to keep in mind the potency of THC-O before consuming it. Because the cannabinoid is so potent, you don’t want to consume it if you’re brand-new to the world of THC, nor do you want to start with a high dose. You should always start with a very low dose to see how the cannabinoid affects you, and then you can increase your amount from there if need be. But, starting with a low dose is the best way to ensure a comfortable, pleasant experience without negative side effects.

Those with high tolerances will be surprised by the strength of THC-O. This cannabinoid is ideal for those with the most long-term conditions and highest tolerance levels. If you feel like you just can’t find results from cannabis products these days, THCO may be the perfect choice for you to change your mind.

Now, let’s switch gears and focus on HHC’s potency instead.

What About HHC Potency?

HHC is known for its more mild, gentle effects on the body. When you put HHC next to delta-9 THC, delta-9 THC is going to be about twice as strong. Instead, HHC has a more comparable potency to delta-8 or delta-10 THC. D8 and D10 are both less powerful than delta-9, but they still produce effective psychoactive results. The mild potency of HHC makes it absolutely ideal for those looking for gentle support or who are just dipping their toes into the world of cannabinoids. HHC provides a nice stimulating high without feeling too overwhelming or intense for beginners.

Even though the HHC cannabinoid is not nearly as intense as THCO or even delta-9 THC, it’s still important to be careful when dosing. If you consume too much at once, you may find yourself feeling uncomfortable. Thus, start with a low dose to see how that affects you; then, you can increase your HHC amount from there. No matter the cannabinoid, this low and slow method is the best way to introduce your body to new compounds.

Do You Prefer THC-O or HHC?

Both HHC and THC-O are totally unique cannabinoids that present novel experiences. So, which do you prefer? If you’re someone who has a lower tolerance to THC, or maybe you’re just looking to experience mild effects, then HHC is going to be the perfect cannabinoid for you. This cannabinoid offers gentle results that can be supportive for all types of consumers. While HHC will get you high, you won’t be totally intoxicated and unable to focus; instead, you’ll likely feel more enhanced overall. You can find HHC products in varying types depending on how you want to consume the cannabinoid as well as the effects you desire. Products like HHC vape cartridges are going to provide you potent effects immediately, while HHC gummies will give you concentrated, long-lasting effects, but after about 1-2 hours of waiting. The choice is yours!

THC-O, on the other hand, is ideal for those consumers looking to experience a whole new high. This cannabinoid brings potency levels that are out of this world, and you should only enjoy them if you have a high tolerance and require higher strength products. This cannabinoid is so potent that beginners may not enjoy the effects; thus, it’s ideal for those who are well-versed in the world of high-potency THC. Like HHC, you can find THCO products in a bunch of different types. The cannabinoid is still gaining popularity, so products aren’t as abundant as CBD products; however, you can still get your hands on myriad options like vape cartridges, gummies, or disposable vape pens.

When you’re trying to choose between HHC and THCO, you have to consider your preferences. These two cannabinoids are so different that it’s tough to compare them! Thus, you want to ask yourself questions like, “How high do I want to get? How powerful of a product am I looking for? Do I want to feel stimulated or more calm?” Once you answer these questions, you should have a better idea as to what cannabinoid your wellness would prefer.

Which is Stronger: HHC or THC-O?

By this point, it’s become quite obvious which cannabinoid is stronger than the other. When you compare HHC to THC-O, THC-O is going to be much more potent than HHC. As we mentioned, HHC is about half as potent as delta-9 THC. However, THC-O is about three times as potent as delta-9 THC. This makes THC-O several times more potent than HHC, providing a totally different high for consumers. The effects of HHC are known for being more gentle, and that’s why consumers gravitate towards it. But, some consumers are always looking for the next, most potent thing, and that’s what THC-O has to offer. This cannabinoid is one of the most cannabinoids the industry knows of, and it’s only best for those who are prepared for such an experience.

Which One is Better: HHC or THC-O?

When asking which cannabinoid is better, HHC or THC-O, it’s nearly impossible to answer. These two cannabinoids are both incredibly beneficial for those seeking the effects they bring. It simply depends on the results you’re trying to achieve when attempting to decipher which compound is better for you. In general, though, both compounds are beneficial overall.

HHC is a better cannabinoid choice for beginners or those looking for a more gentle cannabinoid experience. If you’re looking for these results and consume THC-O, you will be disappointed — and vice versa. THC-O is best for those looking for extremely strong results. Consuming HHC wouldn’t be nearly as powerful if you were searching for THC-O-like results. Thus, the cannabinoid that’s better for you will depend on how you’re trying to feel after consumption. That’s why it’s crucial to ask yourself the questions we posed earlier to try to determine which compound is right for you.

Where to Buy HHC and THCO Products

These days, it isn’t easy to find high-quality HHC and THCO products simply because these cannabinoids are still so new to the market. This means that there are a lot of brands trying their hand at these compounds, but they’re only producing subpar products that you shouldn’t bother wasting your money on. Instead, you always want to turn to the most trustworthy, reputable sources like Concentrated Concepts.

When you’re shopping for HHC or THCO online, you always want to make sure you’re buying from a brand that has updated, accurate lab-test results that consumers can always access. If you cannot find lab-test results from a brand’s products, this is a huge red flag. These COAs are what show consumers the purity of their products, as well as exact cannabinoid levels. You don’t want to buy from any brand that hides this information, as you won’t know what you’re consuming. So, if you don’t see these, move on to another brand.

Here at Concentrated Concepts, we have all of our products’ third-party lab-test results available alongside the products themselves. On the test results, you’re able to see everything these third parties tested for, as well as how pure the extract we use is. When you take a look at these, you’re able to buy your products with ultimate confidence knowing your HHC or THCO products are up to snuff.

Our online store has a huge selection of some of the best HHC and THCO products on the market. We go to extra lengths to ensure that our HHC products are tested by accredited labs that have the technology to properly analyze this new cannabinoid, and we always exceed our quality-control standards. No matter what you’re looking for — whether it is HHC, THCO, or something else — Concentrated Concepts has a comprehensive product selection just for you. Plus, we’ll get your products right to your front door in just a few days. It really is that easy — all you have to do is make a purchase, and we’ll handle it from there.

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